These Lifestyle Habits Of Yours Are Giving You The Driest Skin!

These Lifestyle Habits Of Yours Are Giving You The Driest Skin!
Imagine hot chocolates, nights with friends by the bonfire, toasted marshmallows, and what comes to mind? Winters. Winters that is so wildly festive and ironically warm with memories. But alas, everybody must pay the price for everything good in life and the winter season is no different when it gives you dry skin. No amount of hot chocolates in the world can make a flaky, itchy, and burning dry patch of skin better. And here’s the catch: you’d be surprised to know how many of your own lifestyle habits are giving you dry skin. If you relate, these are the habits you need to fix to keep the flakes at bay:

Keeping The Creams Out Of Reach

Even the most i-hate-moisturizing people come around and start applying creams on their skin in the winter season. However, many of us make one huge mistake when using moisturizers— we keep them far away. Most people keep moisturizers in their room and apply them after showering and dressing. That’s a massive no in winters! Applying moisturizers when your skin Is slightly damp from the shower is when they absorb most.

You Don’t Have A Humidifier

When the temperature is low, so is the humidity in the air. This can be one of the biggest reasons why dry, cracked and flaky skin is synonymous with winters. What’s more is that heaters are constantly robbing the air inside your home of moisture. The result? Your driest skin yet. You can fix this by getting a cool-mist humidifier to add moisture back into the air!

Not Keeping A Hand Cream With You

The way COVID-19 protocols have given us hands that look decades older than our age is the biggest elephant in the room. The routine of washing hands every 20-30 minutes for 20 seconds at least squeezes the moisture out of your hands. You can even become more prone to cuts on your hands as a result! The solution for this lies in keeping an ultra-moisturizing hand cream with you at all times. Don’t let your hands suffer!

Obsessive Use Of Warm Water

Another lifestyle habit that’s giving you dry skin is the obsessive use of warm water. It’s one of the worst things you could do to your skin! Using hot water constantly deprives your skin of any and every moisture. Have you noticed how our skin tends to shrivel in winters and looks 20 years older? Now you know why.

Not Exfoliating Thinking You Have Dry Skin Already

Many regular exfoliators also stop exfoliating when they see their skin drying out. But here’s what your dry skin would like to tell you: it’s not you, it’s me. As we just explained, dry skin can be caused by a host of reasons. Exfoliator—when used moderately—never dries out your skin. In fact, using it on drier skin can help you shed all that dead skin.

Not Using The Right Toners

Toners are the real game-changers in the beauty industry and they’re severely underrated. Not having the right toner can possibly be what’s standing between you and your skin goals. However, keep in mind as seasons change, so do your skin’s needs. In winters, it’s best to get toners with hydrating ingredients because they pack in moisture.

Sticking To Warmer Drinks

Yes, we mentioned hot chocolates ourselves, but only moderation is good. You might only crave chai, coffee and other hot drinks but your skin isn’t having the time of your life. It’s essential to motivate yourself to drink water otherwise, you might be confusing your dehydrated skin for a dry one.

Ignoring Hyaluronic Acid Serums

If hyaluronic acid serums are still not a part of your skincare regime, you’re seriously missing out. This ingredient that rocked the boat of the skincare industry is popular for a reason— it absorbs right away. It makes your skin look and feel its most supple and plump self. Moreover, as you age, the moisture in your skin starts decreasing naturally which causes your skin to excessively dry out. Include a hyaluronic serum in your routine right away!