The Ultimate Monsoon Skincare Guide Is Here

The Ultimate Monsoon Skincare Guide Is Here
The rollercoaster of seasons and its whirlwind of skin problems now rests at another point: monsoon season. If all these seasons are to be imagined as a rollercoaster, then imagine you’re in the second last loop. There’s going to be one more after this (when we return to the excruciating heat of July and August) until we get on the straight track again (which will, of course, be winter).
The Ultimate Monsoon Skincare Guide Is Here
The thing with loops is that it turns your world upside down. The skincare routine you were following for summer will not work now. You now need to focus your efforts on monsoon skincare to keep your skin stable. Otherwise, it’s going to be oily, irritated and marked by blemishes. The humidity that comes with this beautiful season makes our skin really oily. We mean it, it makes skin really, really oily. Chances are you’re not thoroughly cleansing it and so the oil starts settling into your pores which then, with the help of bacteria, results in blemishes. Not to forget the texture that comes on your face from white and blackheads.
The Ultimate Monsoon Skincare Guide Is Here
How do we deal with the woes of monsoon skincare? It’s easy, you’ve got to follow the same oily skincare routine with a few tweaks!

Acne Cleanser

Your weapon of choice to fight oily skin in summer should be a stellar cleanser. Our choice for this season and these reasons is the ‘Tea Tree & Neem Face wash’ only because it has everything your oily skin could ask for. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal qualities alongside calming properties make it the best cleanser for oily skin.

Organic Cleanser & Makeup Remover

However, if you’re someone who wears makeup occasionally in this season ans find that that’s worsening the situation, we’ve got you covered there too. The ‘Organic Cleanser & Make-up Remover’ is made with Conatural’s signature formula and is suitable to use daily. It deeply cleanses the skin, breaking down the products on your face whilst also hydrating and calming it with essential oils.


Right now, exfoliation is also crucial as you need to keep sloughing off the dead skin. This step in your oily skin care routine will ensure your complexion does not lose its glow! The ‘Glow Face Mask’ is the best bang for your buck. It instantly brightens your skin and refreshes it by exfoliating all the dead skin on your face. Besides that, it also helps with improving collagen deposition and helps repair your natural moisture barrier.

A Moisturizer To Pack It All In

The best moisturizer for oily skin in summer is the ‘Rose Face Gel.’ However, monsoon skin care requires something a little more because it makes your skin lackluster. The moisturizer you need in that case is the ‘Saffron Complexion Builder’ because it not only moisturizes your face deeply, it has brightening properties.
This one is for normal to oily skin, so you know the oily skin issue will be targeted too. Also, it’s an oil-free gel so there’s nothing to worry about! Plus, it helps with texture by making your skin feel much smoother. What more could one ask for?