The Seasonal Acne May Be on the Rise— Here’s How to Combat It

The Seasonal Acne May Be on the Rise— Here’s How to Combat It
The season is changing as the end of September starts nearing. From the sweltering summer days and evenings where sweat took over everything, the nights start to cool. October is such a light and crisp month. However, as we start saying goodbye to the warm months, we might start saying hello to acne. Acne is a stubborn issue and it is seldom controlled if left unattended. If you’re experiencing acne, this is the miracle product you need for your acne prone skin.

Start With Organic Face Wash

Organic face wash in your routine is essential and for a number of reasons. This is because the first product you use in your routine has to be perfect for your skin type and your skin concerns. Our face wash is the first thing to remove all the dirt and pollution from our skin. It also clears away the layer of dirty stuff so that new products can penetrate the skin layers and do its work. Plus, how else do you think your face can avoid acne? It’s by washing it. However, not always does washing the face help and not always does your face wash help.

Does The Problem Come In?

The problem comes in mostly when the face wash used is not fit for your concern. For example, if winters are here and you’re still using a harsh face wash that’s drying then you are most likely to break out. On the contrary, if you generally have dry skin and your face wash is drying then the same will happen this is because it dries out your face and when your skin starts producing more oil to cope with it, your pores get clogged and acne pops up. You need a proper acne face wash then and not every face wash works!
Otherwise, if it is summers and you’re using a really heavy face wash even that is a recipe for disaster. Once this happens (although the best idea is to avoid it), you really need a face wash specifically for pimples.

The Best Face Wash for Acne

An acne face wash is the essential product you need to really combat the seasonal acne. And if you’re looking for something like that, then the best product for your pimples is the Tea Tree and Neem face wash for your skin. You need it in your life if you’re working to deal with the pesky pimples that are making your life hell.
The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help with making sure the bacteria on your face does not spread. The gentle effect of tea tree also helps soothe the bacteria on your face. Once you use it you can see the visible effect on them as the redness subsides and pimples become smaller in size. So if acne is your major skin issue at the moment, look no further than Conatural’s acne face wash!