Your Skin Is Suffering In This Transitional Season— Here’s How To Care For It

Your Skin Is Suffering In This Transitional Season— Here’s How To Care For It
Summers are all about vacations and breezy fashion looks. Neither does the weather allow for elaborate accessorization nor do we have the energy to when we’re sweating our skin off. So how does one create an authentic, exciting, and attractive look? Here’s our honest advice: make your hair speak for itself. If you haven’t already, start paying attention to how the very first thing you notice about others is their hair color. It’s true! If someone ever comes in front of you with wild new hair color or with a new haircut, you’re completely taken aback because they look like a new person. With that in mind, if you’re looking to reinvent yourself in the summers, these hair colors will keep you on-trend:

The One Major Hair Colour

The main hair color of this year is going to be brown. You might be wondering what’s special in ‘brown’ but that’s exactly what hair artists want to change. The color is bursting with possibilities and potential for each person who wants to adopt it. You can go in chocolate brown, toffee brown, caramel brown, deep auburn or even espresso brown. The key is to play with the color’s family and opt for shades that suit your skin tone more. In addition to playing off that angle, you could also experiment with the technique. The way you incorporate brown in your hair can also be different. Go for a balayage if you don’t want color too much in your face. Face-framing highlights are a refreshing style. Babylights let you incorporate a new depth into your hair without being too crazy!

Major Hair Trends of 2022

As hair color enthusiasts will let you know, there’s more to hair than just one colour trend prediction. Experts also add that 2022 will be ruled by rich, easy-to-manage shades. We’re past the vibrant and neon shades or underwhelming, blended looks. It’s time for luxe looks.

Twilight Brown

Megan Fox may be in the news due to Machine Gun Kelly but we’re going to focus on her hair. The model and actress has been promoting a new hair color which is different in each light. This twilight brown color is an almost-black-but-still-brown shade that looks black in some lights while brown in others. If you’re a social chameleon, it’s time for your hair to be adaptive too!


This technique will finally make curly haired gals (and boys) rule like they have the right to. Curlights is a new technique in which certain curls or the ends of curls are painted to give dimension to curly heads.

Cool Highlights

While the trends may be playing off of darker bases, adding lighter highlights is going to give you something unique. As with all the trends, it is important to modify it according to your unique self. Adding few strategically placed cooler highlights will have you turning heads.

Pastel Shades

Move on from your Kylie Jenner phase of red, bright blue or green hair shades. It’s time for youthful pastels. Most popular hair colors of 2022 include lavender, baby blue and anime pink. Summer hair colours are anything but boring, get on the bandwagon.

Golden Rosy Hues

Another interesting hair colour emerging is a combination of two unusual ones: gold and rose. When you bring the two together you get a twinkling, shimmering-in-the-sunlight, extraterrestrial shade that will be a conversation started.

Hair Frosting

This technique distributes bleached strands throughout the hair, one by one. Imagine frost falling atop a tree, the way it concentrates at the roots and spreads finally is the way this technique gives you colour. Here’s the best part: it’s also easy to maintain because it’s supposed to play off of your natural colour.