The Fragrances for Men and Women That Are Changing the Game

Fragrances are like a fingerprint: unique and true to a person. Each fragrance we choose has the ability to become our signature and define us and let’s not forget the power of our olfactory memory. The most vague and random scents can often take us back to certain times of our lives or make us feel nostalgia unlike anything ever before.  So then why do we struggle to find the right perfume and often hesitate in purchasing the best options? It’s because we’ve been fed the notion that you must sell a kidney to purchase the right perfume and that you can only find the right fit when you spend hours in a perfume shop with your nose about to fall off after smelling a dozen perfumes and coffee beans.

The Best Perfumes for Women in Pakistan

Conatural has always been ahead of the curve to provide essential and luxury products for men and women that are unlike anything in the local market. You wouldn’t be surprised to know we have three exquisite fragrances for women that are distinct yet each boasts a power of its own and attracts a woman of its own kind.

Crystal Rose

One of the best perfume for women, this fragrance is for the outgoing and youthful young woman who wants to conquer the world. Crystal Rose has a sweet fragrance with notes of citrus, peach and pear. This is the scent that lets you submerge yourself in your fantasies and make everything feel refreshing.


Amongst our fragrances for women, Desire is also a hot-seller. If you want to embody luxury and embody magnificence, this is the scent to have on yourself. Desire is easily one of the best perfume for women with notes of Patchouli, Bergamote and Jasmine amongst others.

Forever Love

Submerge yourself in enchantment and charm as you spritz Forever Love. One of the best perfumes for women in Pakistan, Forever Love is for the woman on the go who is brimming with potential and is on a mission to realise it. Its notes of citrus and pear with woody base notes make it one of the best scents you can call your own.

The Best Perfumes for Men in Pakistan

Don’t say we don’t look after the boys! Conatural also has options for gents’ perfumes that are multi-dimensional and have the power to convert even the toughest perfume critic. Fragrances for men in Pakistan are limited but with Valour and Empire, you’re about to witness the dawn of a new age.


If you’re looking for fragrances for men in Pakistan that capture the essence of a confident young man looking to change the world as he sees it, don’t look beyond Valour. As the name suggests, this is for the men out there who don’t stop at anything to attain success and are respectfully confident. Valour’s refreshing notes of amber and lavender, mixed with sage will give you the confidence to take on the world.


Amongst our options for gents’ perfumes, Empire is the strongest and most distinct smell. It’s made for royal-spirited men destined for greatness— men who are in a league of their own and want to match their scent to their grandeur. With notes of Bergamot, Cedarwood and Musk, Empire is the perfume you continue to remember. So if you’re looking for perfumes for men online, this is where you find the best.

With Conatural, you can now buy fragrances online and develop the signature scent you have always wanted to.