Slugging Is the New Skincare Trend to Get Behind - Here’s Why

Whether you hate the way it sounds or you’re itching to try it, you must have heard about the slugging skincare trend by now. This K-beauty led skincare hack has fashion models and skincare enthusiasts wrapped around its finger and we understand why and soon you will too. Here’s everything you need to know about the slugging trend and what products you need to get your slug party started.

What Is It?

You might be wondering what on earth slugging means. Let us break it down for you: slugging is when you slather your face with petroleum jelly after you have done your entire PM skincare routine. This trend blew up on Tiktok and since then, people have not looked back on it.  

However, here’s the most interesting bit: this is a common skincare practice in many cultures since decades. The idea is that you lock in the moisture from all the previously applied products and ensure all their ingredients seep into your face. It feels like a slug all over your face hence, the name.

But Does It Work?

The purpose of it is to lock in the maximum hydration. According to dermatologists, the petroleum jelly stays on top of your products and insulates your skin so no moisture is lost. Moreover, it is also believed to help the most in colder environments so you should try and avoid that in Pakistani summers. 

But is this strange trend worth investing in? The jury is still hung on that but here are some clear findings: those with acne-prone or oily skin should definitely avoid it. But those with dry skin might emerge after slugging with glass skin so the choice is yours!

How to Do Slugging At Home

1. Begin With a Cleanse

Use our organic makeup remover to thoroughly cleanse your skin and remove any deep-seated impurities. You don’t want dirt and oil to go further into your pores when you’re slugging which is why the makeup removing cleanser is going to be the perfect way to begin.

2. Double Trouble

If you do not have make-up or sunscreen on you can begin with this step. However, if you do have those on (and we do hope you have sunscreen on), you need to double cleanse. For this step, opt for our natural face cleansers to ensure your base is squeaky clean.
Our aloe vera face wash will act as the perfect hydrating cleanser to act as the first layer of hydration.

3. Serum Savior

You need to build several layers of hydration hence, use the best hydrating serum in the market: our hyaluronic acid serum. This hydrating serum will pack in moisture like a punch— we hope you’re prepared for the best glow of your life.

4. Moisturizing Moment

This is the final step before the slugging so make sure you’re putting on a good layer. Use our hydrating face cream to provide all the essential hydrating ingredients to your skin.

Get The Slug On

Now you just have to layer on petroleum jelly and you’re good to go.