Revealed: Everything You Need To Know About #MarketMeKuchNayaAgaya

Revealed: Everything You Need To Know About #MarketMeKuchNayaAgaya

Revealed: Everything you need to know about #MarketMeKuchNayaAgaya


Conatural has changed the paradigms of beauty and skincare in Pakistan and it is to be credited for bringing awareness regarding natural and organic skincare and hair care products in the country. From being just a newbie in 2014 to becoming a trendsetter in the skincare market now, Conatural has succeeded in becoming your regular skincare and hair care partner by being a leading certified organic skin, hair & body care brand.

Conatural has come up with a groundbreaking initiative #MarketMeKuchNayaAgaya. The purpose of this initiative is to talk about standards of beauty and stereotypes. Conatural believes in providing you with what it claims, offering the best certified products in skin and hair care with our #TruePromises. We believe in 100% natural, organic, cruelty-free and vegan products, tested on Asian skin so you can experience a brand that is authentic and trust the fact that #LocalHaiTuAchaHai. We promote the use of honest, reliable, and certified products and highlight the importance of reading labels and not just following fads, which is why you can #TrustTheExperts and expect the best from us. Conatural really is #WithYouForGood.

Conatural Is Living By Its Values:

Conatural is proud of its brand values and we have consistently dedicated time and resources to make suitable changes to them and evolve into a brand that everyone can rely on when it comes to skincare and hair care. Conatural is fully aligned with its values which is one reason why it has become a part of everyone’s lifestyle in Pakistan. Our consumers know that we stay true to our claims and values and this reflects in the quality of our products. This trust drives us to provide 100% organic & natural hair and skin care products without using toxic chemicals such as Parabens, Triclosan, Artificial Musks, PPD, Silicones and Sulphates.

Local Is Better:

Pakistan’s beauty industry has evolved with the entry of organic products and now people have become conscious of what they put on their skin. Conatural is proud to be the first brand in Pakistan to have a team of researchers who formulate and test the formulations on Pakistani skin.

The sad reality is the prevalence of toxic chemicals and ingredients being used in beauty and skincare products. Be it the ignorance of people or less knowledge regarding the organic ingredients, brands are using toxic chemicals in every product which is affecting the perception of people regarding local brands. Apart from this, imported products are extensively marketed across the country which puts further pressure on local brands. #LocalHaiTuAchaHai is an initiative to create awareness about high quality local products and to advocate the use of such products.

Commit Yourself To Wellness By Using Certified Products:

Conatural came up with the idea of organic skincare and organic hair care products because we knew that this is directly linked with the wellness of the people. People were aware of the benefits of an organic diet but when it came to being conscious about what they were putting on their skin, they were clueless. Putting nasty chemicals on your skin and hair can be damaging to your health and wellness.

As per the research conducted by Organic Monitor, many brands are involved in making false claims regarding being organic. It was concluded that people should only use certified products due to the fact that they are more reliable. A survey conducted by Conatural also revealed that 43% people buy from a certain brand because of its claim to be organic and natural. If a brand offers organic products and it is not certified, you should refrain from buying from that brand.

Most brands claim that they are offering 100% natural and organic skincare and hair care products that are made up with nasty chemicals. Using skincare and hair care products that are loaded with toxic chemicals play an active role in the ageing process. Commit yourself to wellness by choosing natural, organic, and certified products. Certified products are tested and are harmless for your skin and health. Though certified products are relatively more expensive as compared to the uncertified ones, they are however, the right products for you. Conatural is a certified and award-winning brand and since it has no preservatives, the products we produce have shorter shelf life which means you get the best organic skincare products in Pakistan. The thought that your products are fresh and organic and they are not coming from a warehouse after months of being stores, is a major reason for you to love certified local products.

#MarketMeKuchNayaAgaya is an effort to make people more aware of the importance of organic, natural, certified, and local products. It is high time that we all start rooting for organic and certified skincare products and support the local brands which stay true to their claims.