Organic uncovered: Why Organic Skincare is the Best?

Organic Uncovered - Organic Skincare Routine

Organic uncovered: Why Organic Skincare is the Best?


You might have come across a number of products in the market that claim to do wonders for your skin because of which reason it gets quite confusing at times to choose the right product for yourself out of the wide range of natural & organic products available. Awareness regarding social concepts like meditation and wellness have transformed the beauty industry as well as paved way for organic and natural skincare products to enter the market. This particular trend got more coverage when leading stars like Jessica Alba revealed how her lifestyle revolved around organic and natural ingredients only and many other testimonials in the favor of organic beauty got people to jump on the bandwagon.

Conatural believes in clean and organic beauty. The criteria is not limited to organic beauty only as Conatural strives every day to create a product which is luxurious and all-out enchanting. Be it organic face cleansers or moisturizers, every product is high-performance and does not contain harmful ingredients.

What is Organic Skincare?

Organic skincare deserves to be in the spotlight as it addresses all kinds of skin types without being too harsh on the skin. People now know a lot about the ingredients that they put on their faces. It is essential to mention here that all the organic products available in the market that are presumed to be organic are not fully organic. You need to be mindful of the fact that they may still have artificial ingredients. We are going to let you know the difference between organic, natural and made with organic.

For people who are still confused about the concept of organic beauty need to know that it is any product that is made with completely natural ingredients without the use of any harmful chemicals, sulphates, parabens or phthalates. If you have sensitive skin, your skin is going to get irritated or it may experience breakouts if you use products that are not organic. Best organic skincare products contain no preservatives, no artificial colors, no fragrance and are also cruelty-free.  

What is the difference between ‘organic’, ‘made with organic’ and ‘natural’?

As per COSMOS, a product is considered organic if 95% ingredients in the products are organic. In addition to this, there are certain products in the market which are labelled as ‘made with organic’. For a product to be ‘made with organic’, it is essential for 20% of its ingredients to be organic. Furthermore, natural products are also available which are thought to be organic. This notion is absolutely flawed. Natural products are not organic. At times, they are not 100% natural as these products undergo extreme temperatures during production which leads to the loss of natural goodness.

Organic Skincare Products

Always Study the ingredients list

It is important for us to make sure that we always study the ingredients list as we all deserve to know what we are putting on our face. It is important to understand the fact that many organic and natural ingredients have scientific names too which might appear as an unnatural ingredient. For instance, you might mistake sodium chloride as a synthetic ingredient while it is just sea salt. Whatever you are using, make sure to read the list of ingredients first and if you lack knowledge about anything, just Google it.

Check the seal of approval

The only way to ensure that you are using 100% organic beauty products is to check the seal of approval. There are a number of reputable associations that authenticate if the product is safe to use and is organic. If your product has the seal, feel free to use it as it will not have any harmful ingredients in it. Unfortunately, the situation in Pakistan is quite alarming. The normalization of using harmful chemicals in skincare products has led to a surge in a number of skin diseases. The toxic standards in terms of colour and complexion have paved way for the widespread usage of harmful chemicals. Therefore, always check the seal and read the ingredients before buying the product.

Know the values of the brand you are using

No matter which brand you are using, you must know what your brand claims. Knowing the values of the brand you are using helps you understand what you are putting on your face. If the brand claims that it offers organic, cruelty-free, paraben-free, SLS free, and phthalate products, make sure that the brand has certifications to prove it organic whether its organic hair care or skincare. There are several brands and companies in the market who claim to be formulating organic products which is absolutely untrue. Beware of all the brands who do not stay true to their word of providing you with organic products. Prepare a checklist and if it ticks all the boxes for a product to be organic, buy it.

If you are planning to start an organic skincare routine and are about to invest in clean beauty, it is important to do a little homework and learn about organic and clean beauty. This research is going to take you a long way with regards to your skin and will help you come up with the most apt skincare routine for yourself using the best organic skincare products.