Let’s Just Say It: TikTok Skincare Trends Are Terrible!

Let’s Just Say It: TikTok Skincare Trends Are Terrible!
Tell me honestly, how tempted have you been by TikTok skincare trends being promoted by skinfluencers with pristine glass skin? Personally speaking, one too many times. It’s a good thing we don’t have places like Target here where we can pop in and get a derma roller otherwise dermatologists in Pakistan would start having a field day. However, while our inconvenience saves our skin, there are many out there who actually try to procure such tools. Tools that scamfluencers brainwash you into buying. But you’re lucky, this article is here to save the day— steer clear of these skincare trends if you cherish your face:

Contour Your Face - Just Not With Sunscreen

Sunscreen’s popularity in the skincare industry can never be underestimated. Be it a skinfluencer or a dermatologist, anyone can tell you that it’s the most important skincare product. However, a viral TikTok skincare trend called ‘sunscreen contouring’ is becoming popular and it’s the worst. People are actually contouring certain parts of their face and not the rest so that their skin tans only in those places, leaving a natural contour. Girl (and boy) just don’t.

Leave The Slugging To Slugs

Another terrible thing in the rollout of 2022 skincare trends is called “slugging”. TikTok influencers are convincing their followers that they need to drown their skin in Vaseline before sleeping. It’ll fix your dry skin, they say. However, if this is anything, it’s a failproof method of clogging your skin and forcing dirt and oil trapped beneath the layer to absorb into your skin. Are you sure you still want to slug?

Microneedling Yourself To Bad Skin

The TikTok viral skincare trend of aggressively dermarolling your face at home is as bad as it gets. Dermarolling is done with a skincare tool that comes with tiny needles and skinfluencers on TikTok will tell you that’s what you need. However, the actual process is best performed by dermatologists. Why? Because it involves inflicting trauma on your skin to get it to produce more collagen. Doing it incorrectly or without proper protocols can give you the worst scarring and infections.

Ginger And Cinnamon Are Best For Food

Amongst the most popular skincare trends of 2022 are some DIY facemasks that include ingredients that will damage your skin. Think ginger and cinnamon. These ingredients can inflame your skin to the point that it visibly starts swelling. And here’s the worst part: you’re not even gaining anything by it. Ginger and cinnamon have not been proven to be beneficial for skin in any way through direct application.

Removing A Mole Yourself

If you thought TikTok skincare trends could not get worse, you’re still in for a surprise. Many skinfluencers are telling their audience that removing a mole is no big deal. All it takes is some acid or a tool that can burn your skin and you can be mole free. That can be true… if we’d be living in a utopia where such terrible trends would not give one bad skin reactions. Doing this treatment at home can irreparably damage your skin. Moreover, did you know that moles can be benign or malignant? Only a professional can help you ascertain that.

Vacuuming Your Way To Bad Skin

It can not be possible for you to be a social media user and not know about the pore vacuum making rounds on all platforms. The TikTok skincare trend of vacuuming your face with a handy device may look fun and games until it starts making you break out. It’s an effective method to cleanse your skin only when done professionally. When you’re left to your own devices (pun intended) it can result in infections, broken blood vessels and bruised skin.