Interview with the Experts: Myra and Rema

Interview with the Experts: Myra and Rema

 Q1. Conatural recently launched its website to the UK ( What does it mean to you to help women discover your brand of truly natural beauty and skincare?

We believe skincare products should work with the body’s natural chemistry to enhance existing vitality. For us to introduce our product to the UK market means that we want to inspire and empower the UK South Asian population to choose products specifically researched and tested for their skin types made using natural and organic ingredients.


Q2. How and why is it important that people understand that everything they apply on their skin absorbs in to their bodies?

It is crucial to our overall health that we view our bodies holistically and not as separate parts. The skin is the largest organ of your body and whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed by the body. So just the way you are conscious about what you eat, you should also be conscious about what you put on your skin. Caring for your skin naturally with nontoxic products has the same benefits as eating a healthy diet.



Q3. Were currently in the midst of summer, what do you recommend to keep hydration levels at a maximum?

Water will always be your best friend. Hydration is super essential during the summer months. Opt for light foods such as salads with lots of leafy-greens, and pack up on water rich fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, falsas and cucumbers. They are super healthy, keep you cool and are amazing for skin.


Q4. With the wide customer base, how do think people are responding to switch from chemical to natural and organic beauty care products? 

It's amazing to witness the customer base and customer confidence that Conatural has got since the past few years. I think our customers indulge in the natural choice because they believe it is good for them and also gives them results without all the harmful chemicals. It is has become very common that people are facing health issues as a result of the chemical exposure and bad dietary choices. People are willing to make the change in their lifestyle - they want to go natural.