How To Choose The Right Conatural/HSY Fragrance For You?

How To Choose The Right Conatural/HSY Fragrance For You?

How To Choose The Right Conatural/HSY Fragrance For You?


Conatural has achieved yet another milestone and has launched a perfume range in collaboration with none other than couture king HSY. It is the first time that a natural beauty brand has collaborated with a high-end luxury brand for the launch of perfumes. Most new fans might only know Conatural as being the Pakistan’s pioneer organic brand, however, this new collaboration with HSY for the launch of perfumes has taken the industry by storm. We have launched 5 unique fragrances and every fragrance is so exclusive and luxurious that one spritz will give you the ultimate sensory experience. It is very common for people to be uninformed about the difference between an Eau De Toilette fragrance and and Eau De Parfum fragrance. The main difference between an EDP and EDT is the concentration of fragrance oil present, which plays a huge part in how long a perfume’s scent can last. An Eau De Toilette typically contains around 8-15% fragrance oil which lasts around 4-6 hours, in comparison to an Eau De Parfum which typically contains 15-30% and can last up to 8-10 hours. EDP fragrances will usually contain heavier molecules or perfume notes which are stronger and bolder to the nose, improving the silage and longevity of the scent. Conatural is proud that all the 5 Conatural/HSY fragrances are Eau de Parfum.

Understanding the Conatural/HSY Fragrance Collection

Conatural/HSY has launched 5 fragrances and each fragrance has its own unique identity. We understand that finding the right scent that you love can be a daunting task. Whenever you go out to buy a new scent, it is a challenge to find a scent for yourself that resonates with you and one that you would love wearing every day! The most you can do is just check if there are any testers available for you to try on. However, people have been buying all the best perfumes online in Pakistan due to Covid, which is again a tough process to determine the right scent for yourself or someone else online. So what to do? Your scent is an extension of you and your identity and you should be buying only the best for yourself.

Conatural/HSY perfumes are for everyone. Empire and Valour are powerful scents and the best perfumes for men in Pakistan. Forever love, Desire, and Crystal Rose are well-constructed and long lasting perfumes for women. These perfumes are made to last and every unique scent is going to add substance to your personality. Here is all you need to know about Conatural/HSY perfumes:

Empire - Eau De Parfum For Men

Price: Rs. 4950

Bergamot, Blackcurrent, Cardamom
Freesia, Geranium, Lavender
Lavender, Cedarwood, Leather, Musk


With top notes of bergamot and base notes of cedarwood fused together, Empire is an irresistible Eau de Parfum for men. If you are drawn to a more masculine smell and want your cologne to do the talking, this fragrance is perfect for you.

Price: Rs. 3,900

Citrus, Leafy, Pear
Rose, White Flower
Cedarwood, Cosmetic, Woody


Express love and affection to your loved ones with one of our best perfumes for women, Forever Love. It is a gorgeous blend of rose, white flower and citrus that will make head turns.

Crystal Rose – Best Perfume For Women

Price: Rs. 4,200

Citrus, Peach, Pear
Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Violet
Musk, Powdery, Woody


Crystal Rose is the perfect gift for anyone who loves crystals and anything that dazzles. With its sweet fragrant notes of citrus, peach and pear, this scent in the most gorgeous bottle is a must-have.

Desire – Luminous Fragrance For Her

Price: Rs. 4,450

Bergamot, Grape Fruit, Tagete Flower
Rose, Jasmine, Cyclamen
Cypress, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Oakmoss


Desire is an Eau de Parfum to make you feel free and liberated. With top notes of bergamot and base notes of Cypress fused together, this is the scent of freedom and absolutely love it!

Valour – Best Perfume For Men

Price: Rs. 4,300

Bergamot, Leafy, Plum
Amber, Lavender, Sage
Cashmere, Cedarwood, Moss


Dive in to a fragrant of adventure and unleash your strength with the best perfume for men, Valour. It is an Eau de Parfum with top notes of bergamot and plum combined with heart notes of lavender and sage. It is a perfect cologne to celebrate a man’s deep alliance with bravery and strength.

Do Your Research First!

The first thing you need to determine is your taste when it comes to scents. If there are scents you already love and you want to stick to the same, look for similar options but if you are a scent fanatic and believe in trying new and unique scents, try looking for scents you love in your routine life. It is very easy to determine that as you just have to pay attention to the scents that you enjoy in your skin and hair care products or scents that you like in your everyday life. From the smell of rain to the cardamom in your tea or the hint of vanilla in your face wash, every scent you use in your routine will help you to decide the notes you want in the perfume that you purchase. You can use these notes as a guide to help you!

How To Apply Your Perfume?

If you want to find the right scent for yourself, don’t forget to try it on. There is no other way to determine the right scent for yourself. It is highly recommended to spray it on your pulse points or any other point where the skin is naturally warm like elbow/wrist. Do not decide in seconds. Let the perfume settle. The top notes of any perfume wears off in 20-30 minutes, therefore, let it stay on your skin for some time.

You will also realize that the perfume you are wearing smell differently on another person. Your body chemistry plays a pivotal role as it decides how a perfume is going to smell on you and how long it will last. In addition to it, your environment also affects the smell. The golden rule is to never rub the scent. Rubbing the perfume breaks the molecules faster which affects the delicacy of the notes.

Conatural/HSY collaboration has formulated luxurious scents that you will love! Get your favourite scent now at Happy shopping!