Your Skin Is Suffering In This Transitional Season— Here’s How To Care For It

Your Skin Is Suffering In This Transitional Season— Here’s How To Care For It
Spring is all about tiny details that uplift your vibe and look. The idea is to incorporate color and energy into the smaller parts of yourself that overall create a persona that is chic and trendy. So how best to do that? Sure hair and makeup are a huge part of it but nails are genuinely where it’s at. Spring colored nail is a thing and here’s how you can achieve it:As we move from the harsh winters to the bright spring, you need to start shifting more towards a summer skin care routine. I personally tend to—without fail—break out at this time of the year annually. While I had to learn the hard way that this time calls for a summer skincare routine, you don’t. Here are some changes you can make:

Not All Nails

We’ve always looked at manicures as one color on all 10 fingers, right? However, spring manicure ideas would encourage you to look beyond that. Think a different color on every nail and you’ll be on the right track.Exfoliating regularly can keep sloughing off the dead skin on your face only to reveal softer, glowier and brighter skin beneath. This is also key to nailing the summer no-makeup look because it gives you the perfect canvas.

Pastels All Day, Everyday

Pastels will never go out of style. Spring may be all about bright hues and neon nails but a spring manicure in pastels is also a stellar idea. Get inspiration from here:

A Terracotta Tribe

You can’t have spring-colored nails if they’re not terracotta nails. Terracotta is a quintessential spring color and it goes brilliantly with every skin color. This universally flattering shade is best when applied homogeneously on all fingers.

Floral Vibes

One of the best spring manicure ideas also includes daisies, sunflowers, roses, and whatnot. Any and all flower designs are accepted— how could they not? If there’s anything that screams spring, it’s flowers on your nails.Then focus on your eyelashes. Curling them simply or curling them before you slick on mascara can change your world. Opting for a brush that has really tiny and thin bristles can keep each lash separated giving you a fuller, natural look. The makeup trends of spring call for minimal impact.

Colorful Tips

Sometimes we can get tired of bright or bold colors on the entirety of our nails. If you resonate with that, look towards using popping colors as tips for your nails. Whoever invented colorful French manicure deserves some serious appreciation.

Abstract Look

Who said we had to color within the lines? Sometimes the most fun spring manicure can look like it came straight from a Picasso painting. Go abstract with fun colors and you’ll feel like you run the world.

Chrome Queens

Chrome is not for the faint-hearted. This maximalist and statement spring manicure will have you turning heads for sure. Going for chrome in a unique color would also score you more points on the “the best manicure” scale.

The Pearly Touch

Adding embellishments onto nails never seemed that great of an idea until we saw Meesha Shafi in “Muaziz Sarif’s” video. If you want to replicate the vibe either go for pearls on your manicure or some other crystal embellishments.

Glitter Gals

Glitter is best suited for a spring manicure because it goes with every bright or even neutral outfit you may own. Glitter is always a statement of its own and it can uplift even the most casual fits— which, let’s be honest, we’ll be going for every day thanks to the heatwaves.

Pink Nails

Pink spring nails are also a rite of passage for everyone who loves this season and also a good ol’ manicure. Ditch the ‘statement colors’ and go for the OG pink this season so you can have your Mean Girls moment.