Hair Growth Oil for All Hair Types

Hair Growth Oil for All Hair Types
Whether you have oily hair or dry ones or whether you have fine or coarse hair, hair growth can only be achieved with an effective oil. Hair oils are made from essential oils and Conatural takes pride in formulating its ‘Intense Hair Growth Oil’ with the finest, purest and organic essential oils to make the best oil for hair growth.
What makes an oil the best oil for hair growth and why is it Conatural’s Intense Hair Growth oil in Pakistan?

Hear It from Others

Celebrity stylists around the world are of the strong opinion that if you need healthy hair that styles well and grows long, you need a hair oil. Using hair oil for hair growth is the fail-proof method we, especially girls, have been taught since our childhoods. This culture stems from our history and it has stayed around this long for a reason: it works.
Whatever your hair type may be, experts are of the opinion that oil for hair growth can seal in moisture, repair dead-ends and provide strength to dry, dull and damaged locks.

What Does the Intense Hair Growth Oil Do?

Our hair growth oil is formulated in Pakistan to help accelerate our hair growth. You can expect your hair to be strengthened from the roots because the right oil for hair growth will ensure weakness is nipped in the bud. Our oil for hair growth also prevents and fixes dead-ends/split-ends. Did you know that split ends are a fault in the protein makeup of your hair and can actually be repaired with the right products? Yes, your split ends can actually be stuck back together and become a single strand again with the use of the right hair products and one of them is this Intense Hair Growth oil. Explore more hair care products suitable for your hair type by taking our hair care quiz.
Our customers love our hair oil for hair growth and continue coming back for it and the 164 reviews on our website are a testament to this love.

Are You Applying It the Right Way?

Often we apply the hair growth oil like it’s a serum which is a mistake. You’re supposed to massage it into your roots so it is absorbed and blood circulation is improved in the area. Then, continue to gently massage it into the strands too rather than weighing your hair down with too much of it. Once you’re done, you have to ensure you do not brush your hair aggressively or tie your hair into a tight braid. This often results in more breakage than necessary and is not good for your hair. Instead, tie a loose braid or simply put on a clip loosely.

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Last but not least, the amount of time you let the oil for hair growth remain on your head is crucial. For oily scalps, 1-2 hours is the best and most optimum time. For drier scalps, 4-6 hours is effective. However, if your hair is truly damaged and at its worst, you can use the night for overnight application. Happy oiling with the best oil for hair growth!