Gear Up for the Festive Season with the Best Hair of Your Life

Eid is right around the corner and before the festive season even fully comes upon us, we have Sehris and Iftars especially picking pace in the last few days. And you know by now, we can’t be showing up to any event with flat, dull and lifeless hair. In this blog, you’ll find out all about how you can enter your 90s supermodel hair look era with our hair volume shampoo.

Which Hair Type Benefits Most?

The volumizing shampoo is effective and suitable for all hair types- curly, straight, thin or fine. If you’re somebody who wants their hair to always look glamorous, effortless and have the bounce that makes others envious, this shampoo is everything you need and more.   But while that may be true too, there is one hair type that can especially benefit from this hair thickening and volumizing shampoo - fine hair because this is a shampoo for thicker hair! If you have really dry and fine hair, chances are your hair always falls flat and looks sticky even right after washing. This is where our organic goodness in the form of our shampoos comes in, try this shampoo to get naturally built volume and bounce in your locks that no mousse, no hair spray and no hairstyle can give you.

The Best Secret for the Festive Season

Eid’s not as far as you think it is - with Ramadan speeding by, you’ll blink and it’ll be the first day of Eid and we understand your needs. Showing up to your own hosted lunch/dinner or going to meet loved ones with hair that just doesn’t cut it is no fun. You need the hair volume shampoo to give your tresses life and bounce.  Even if you go for the mandatory blowouts for Eid, this hair thickening and volumizing shampoo will ensure the bounce is dreamy and lasts for days. On the contrary, if you don’t like blowouts and style your hair yourself, you will find that this shampoo will simply give you a transformed look with hair that falls incredibly and looks healthier.

What Else Can Help Build Volume?

To ensure you get the most out of this organic shampoo, follow some other tips and tricks to maximize volume in your hair naturally. When you’re blow drying your hair at home by yourself, try putting your head upside down and then drying them which gives further volume. Moreover, one thing to avoid if you want to bring life to your hair and not have them weighed down is to not layer several products on the ends. It can make your hair feel heavy, weighed down and flat!
Aside from the bounce, if you generally have fine and thin hair, opt for our organic shampoo for thicker hair and watch how its results start showing in your hair in no time.

Achieve all your voluminous hair dreams with our organic hair volume shampoo.