Your Skin Is Suffering In This Transitional Season— Here’s How To Care For It

Your Skin Is Suffering In This Transitional Season— Here’s How To Care For It
Think of your skin like a chameleon: it’s constantly changing colors. That is precisely why dermatologists and skin experts would warn you against choosing 1 skincare routine and following it blindly 365 days of the year. Your skin keeps changing according to what you’re feeling or what the weather is like. So why your skincare routine shouldn’t also be changing? As we move from the harsh winters to the bright spring, you need to start shifting more towards a summer skin care routine. I personally tend to—without fail—break out at this time of the year annually. While I had to learn the hard way that this time calls for a summer skincare routine, you don’t. Here are some changes you can make:

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating regularly is the most underestimated way of getting the skin of your dreams. This is because we still don’t know which exfoliator to use and why it may be the most perfect thing for us. If you’re one of these confused people, know that chemical exfoliators are where it’s at. Exfoliating regularly can keep sloughing off the dead skin on your face only to reveal softer, glowier and brighter skin beneath. This is also key to nailing the summer no-makeup look because it gives you the perfect canvas.

Vitamin C For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient in all skincare and it is most especially needed in summers. It instantly brightens your skin and also protects your skin from environmental damage. Using it in the morning can be the key to giving you that refreshed I-just-got-up look others will be envious of.

Don’t Discount Moisture

Spring beauty trends also require us to chuck out the age-old assumption that just because your skin is oily it does not need any moisturization. In fact, that may be the time when it most needs it. Summers and humidity make our skin go in over-drive mode due to the heat. As a result, more oil is produced. In order to counter this, make sure you’re hydrating your skin properly. For oilier skin types, switch to a light hydrating gel or lotion. Drier skin people can always opt for a combination of fast-absorbing oil and cream.

Focus On Brows and Lashes

The whole trick of this summer no makeup look is that you make your features stand out without using a lot. When someone looks at your face, well-made brows and good-mascara-ed eyes can say a lot. Spring is the time when you invest in a good brow product– be it a pencil or a gel. Poof up them brows! Then focus on your eyelashes. Curling them simply or curling them before you slick on mascara can change your world. Opting for a brush that has really tiny and thin bristles can keep each lash separated giving you a fuller, natural look. The makeup trends of spring call for minimal impact.

Colorful Eyes

Spring beauty trends are also all about playing with colors. So why does color only have to be for blush or for lipsticks? Go wild with colors when it comes to your eyes but don’t go for eyeshades. They can feel heavy and as if there is too much on. Here’s a hack: go for colorful liners and a graphic liner look can do so much.

Bold Lipsticks

Adding a chic color of lipstick to all of this is where you seal it. A bold color embodies Spring more than anything so make sure you’re playing the part. A coral, a bright red or a deep pink can add drama to your look without doing much. And this is the trick to nailing the summer no-makeup look— you merge skincare with makeup to create a look that is effortlessly dramatic.