Confused About The Essential Monsoon Skincare Rituals? Here’s Your Guide

Confused About The Essential Monsoon Skincare Rituals? Here’s Your Guide
The monsoon season is a romantic season with the rim jhim rains and the soft love songs they call for. But all that romance and the feelings of togetherness as your family gathers around a plate of pakoras is of no use when you’re not feeling your best. Monsoon is also the face of clogged pores, infections, acne and frizzy hair.

But who said they’re mutually exclusive? All you need is the right skincare and you will have the skin of your dreams in the rainy season too. Are you ready to fight the soaring temperatures, acid rain and insane humidity?

Switch To Gel-Based Things

Monsoon skin care is about choosing lighter skin care products. If you’ve been on heavier cream-based or oil-based formulas then you need to ditch them for this season. Monsoon skin care routine definitely has a gel-based product because it’s light, absorbs easily and does the work for you. Try the ‘Rose Face Gel’ an organic moisturizer for normal to dry skin to soothe that irritated monsoon skin.

Combat Infections With Something Antibacterial

One very important step that we always discount is having an antibacterial and antifungal product on hand. This can be a moisturizer, a face wash or a serum. However, if you ask us honestly about monsoon skin care we’ll have you know that a moisturizer is the best choice. Antifungal and antibacterial cleansers protect your skin thoroughly and unclog pores too. The ‘Tea Tree & Neem’ cleanser is the best monsoon skin care product to have.

Keep Your Skin Extra Hydrated

It is important to keep your skin hydrated in an OTT way. If you’re missing out on this, you might be in trouble. This is because humidity makes us lose more moisture on our face. Moreover, you might be washing your face more because of that sticky oiliness which would be further drying out your skin. None of this helps you feel your best in the monsoon season. Opt for the ‘Rose Water’ or ‘Fresh Flowers Hydrating Mist’ right now to leave behind the humid, ironically oily dryness.

Exfoliate More

Skin care in monsoon might seem like a deal and then some but it’s not that difficult. You just need to strengthen your grasp on the basics and also switch them around for lighter versions. You should also know it’s even more essential to exfoliate in monsoon to get the dead skin off. The ‘Instant Glow Face Mask’ will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!