Beat The Heat With These Skincare Tips and Products

Beat The Heat With These Skincare Tips and Products
Summer skincare is a riddle in and of itself. You try on products you’ve always used and somehow your skin starts breaking out. The skin may still feel parched even after just moisturizing. You then proceed to use a heavier moisturizer and it makes your skin even oilier. What do a girl and guy gotta do to keep their skin blemish-free and without that awful oily sheen? Well, here’s what:

Summer Skincare Routine

A summer skincare routine is not as hard as it seems. All you need to perfect is the right moisturizer that does its work without being heavy, a face wash that is balancing, a face mask for the occasional lift-me-up, and a spot-control thing. Four things are pretty easy, don’t lose hope just yet. These four products come together to keep your oil controlled, skin hydrated and blemishes controlled.

Oily Skincare

To treat oily skin in summers, start with the ‘tea tree and neem’ face wash because it has calming and anti-bacterial properties. You need these qualities while thoroughly cleansing your face so that your pores are cleansed entirely and don’t get clogged. Once that is done, proceed to use the best moisturizer for oily skin ‘Saffron Complexion Builder’ which packs in moisture in your skin without creating a thick layer. It does the work and absorbs fast— you’ll hit the jackpot.

Acne Skincare

If you have active acne, dab the acne essential oil ‘tea tree essential oil’ on your spots before bed each night. You’ll wake up with visibly calmer and soothed spots. Now here comes the part where many of us fall short: a face mask that is heavy-duty. The ‘Instant Glow Face Mask’ is perfect for summer acne. This face mask brings the glow and brightness which may be lacking due to dryness, humidity and acne. It also improves dead skin cells and exfoliates so the bacteria on your face does not spread.

Dry Skin Summer Hack

It’s a myth that skin cannot get dry in summers. The humidity can constantly be resulting in a loss of moisture in your skin. The extra oiliness is also a sign that your skin is dry which is why it’s over-producing oil to compensate. Don’t be fooled in summer skincare! The best summer cream for dry skin has to be the ‘Essential Day Cream’. It helps in reducing skin inflammation and oiliness. Plus, there’s also the added benefit of reducing the occurrence of acne. It’s also rich in antioxidants and brightens the skin.

Beat The Heat With These Skincare Tips and Products

Beat The Heat With These Skincare Tips and Products
Being Pakistan’s best organic brand, these tips and the best products from Conatural will have you set for the summer. Be it dry skin or the oily, acne-prone skin, everything is set.