Beautiful Skin and Hair on-the-go

Jet setting around the globe, hoping from flight to car and then onto speeding train and catching in all the most breathtaking sights: all these are exhilarating experiences while also being unusually taxing on the health of your skin and hair.

Changes in diet and climate can throw off the exacted science of keeping yourself looking fab so you’ll need to plan ahead to look equally glowing and glam while travelling, especially when you’re hitting the town every night or the trails every morning.







Take from these tips on how to stay healthy and beautiful, energized and invigorated on the go and make sure to get out somewhere this summer!



Make sure you get a good idea of where you’re headed. Will it be sunny or snowy, dry or humid? You can make for more compact and fuss-free packing vis-a-vis skin and haircare products. Your skin care plan may be dependent on the kind of environment you are headed to. 






For drier climates, pop Conatural’s Ultra Body Butter in your bag and slather on the go whenever your skin feels parched.

   Don’t forget your lips, they’re your proverbial crowning glory. Always keep a lip balm stick at hand since you can apply it easily and frequently with just one hand and make sure its SPF based.



It’s easier to be envious of that minimalist traveller you see with just the succinct little hand carry bag than being that traveller.

Make a list of absolute essentials and be brutally honest with yourself. Will you need 5 pairs of heels for a 3 day beach trip? Probably not. Make smart decisions about what skin and haircare products you’ll be lugging alongside you. Just remember that healthy, glowing and radiant skin and hair go with just about everything so you’ll be doing yourself a favour by giving higher priority to packing your skin and haircare essentials. And nothing ruins a vacation faster than untimely breakouts.


Use Conatural’s Saffron Complexion Builder containing pure saffron and Indian madder that have been relied upon through the ages to lighten and brighten the complexion. It also regulates melanin production. It’ll help regulate your skin tone, remove temporary patchy tanning and prevent breakouts.

Also use Conatural’s nutrient rich Restorative Eye Gel with extracts of Indian madder and aloe vera which helps cool the eye area, reduce puffiness and swelling, and minimize dark circles and fine lines. Regular use protects and brightens the eye area. You’ll need this especially to combat jet lag, late nights and the effects of new environments on the skin. 

If you’re planning or going au natural, meaning, more morning hikes and sandy walks on the beach, then skip carrying foundations, loose powders and hair straighteners and the likes as they’re too fussy and high maintenance. Opt instead for products that will enhance your natural beauty without masking it. Try Conatural’s Intense Luster Hair Oil, a tad tousled into locks and at the ends whilst seaside will give you delicious beachy waves. 

If your trip is to a swanky, urban location, you can afford to primp and fuss and break out high maintenance gear such as dark lip gloss and curling irons if you are so inclined. Use Conatural's Instant Glow Face Mask with Radiance Oil as a primer for the perfect night out face.

Gearing up for a romantic getaway? Honeymoon plans? Conatural’s Dead Sea Body Scrub is filled with pure Dead Sea Salts and contains a rich blend of 35 different beneficial minerals mixed with essential oils which will leave your skin silky soft and beautifully polished with a radiant glow. A perfect couples activity and opportunity for you to pamper your loved ones that will revitalize and refresh tired skin and undo the affects of the weather and environment.



Despite how elaborately embellished your bathroom shelf is with products that all constitute your skin and hair care regimes, boil it down to the essentials when you hit the road. 

Keep only the products you know in your heart you will diligently use and not skip because you got busy or couldn’t be bothered in transit. And especially leave behind anything you haven’t tried before and that could trigger adverse reactions and with harsh chemicals. Opt instead for the simpler items, the use of which doesn’t involve carrying out time consuming and cumbersome rituals.


Any kind of travelling will leave your skin hungry for the right balance of moisture in your skin and hair. Always remember to moisturize on long flights especially before and after takeoff. Not only will your skin get a boost, you’ll feel rejuvenated from having all your facial muscles relax and ease out. 

It’s normal to experience swelling while travelling and especially on long flights. It’s imperative to stay hydrated, even if it’ll mean an extra trip or two to the bathroom! Cabin air is especially drying. Invest in a BPA-free reusable water bottle which you can refill once you’ve passed through security and keep with you on the flight too. This way you won’t have to wait until the seat belt sign is off or the cabin crew is available to bring you a glass of water. That way you don’t have to pay exorbitant airport rates for bottled water and you’re doing your bit for the environment too.

As a yardstick to understand how much water to drink in a day, divide by 2 your body weight, e.g., if your body weight is 125 pounds, you should be drinking approximately 60 oz of water or 8 glass, 8 oz = 1 glass. It’s even more important to use this yardstick as a minimum for when you’re in transit.  


At Conatural, we always stand by looking good from the inside out. Changes in diet from the quality of water to the intake of fibre and fresh produce can all upset your body’s natural and healthy balance. 

Resist the urge to take the easy route and scope out good wholesome food and drink while travelling. Nowadays, fresh cut fruit and boxed salads are more readily accessible at an increasing number of airports and travel terminals.

When on the plane, where they do offer an in flight menu, opt for the most nutritious meal available consisting of fresh veggies and lean protein and avoid bulky carbs since you’ll be inactive for extended periods of time. When there are only chips and fatty, oily snacks on offer, plan ahead and carry your own snacks: sunflower and pumpkin seeds, almonds, a wholesome sandwich or a fresh piece of fruit are all good options.


Even if you’re pressed for space, don’t ever skimp out on sunscreen. Or even if you’re planning to go to the ends of the earth where you think there’ll be no sun at all. Sun damage is long term and permanent and nothing causes free radical damage and discoloration like prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun.

 Try choosing a daily moisturizer with SPF that can do double duty but remember to carry it on you even after having applied it once you step out, you’ll need to reapply after regular intervals and after being exposed to water. 


Especially if you’re a frequent traveller, taking out the time to stretch and move about is crucial. It increases blood flow, fuels the muscles and hydrates and energises the skin and hair.

A few ways to increase activity when literally on the move, you can choose from a combination of the following options: walk instead of using a walkalator. While sitting: do a spinal twist by twisting your head and torso clockwise and then anticlockwise; rotate your ankles one by one clockwise and anticlockwise; pull up the tips of your fingers towards with your arm outstretched in front of you with your elbows held taut; pull your toes up towards you and stretch your heel down to the floor for a phenomenal back leg stretch; interlock your fingers and pull your hands over your head high with your elbows taut and your arms straight above, stretch and consciously pull yourself up without lifting up out of your seat