How to store your favourite Conatural products

Conatural’s skin and hair care products are made from minimally processed botanicals: organic or responsibly wildcrafted, pure, raw, live and unrefined. Our products are absolutely natural, and organic where possible.

It’s much more beneficial in the long run to use products that are nutritious and nourishing as opposed to products loaded with parabens and preservatives and unnaturally longer shelf lives.

Skin and hair care products exposed to heat or direct sunlight or left open in a steamy bathroom will quickly deteriorate and diminish the goodness in vitamin rich essential oils and butters.

Being free from toxic chemicals and preservatives, your favourite Conatural products may require a little extra care to maximise their shelf life. It’s not difficult and neither is it time consuming. Here’s how to correctly store your natural, chemical free Conatural products:

- Always tightly cap or close the lids on your containers after you've used your products. Not only will they stay free from bacteria and mould, it will also protect product potency.

- Do not store products in the bathroom (unless of course they are shampoos, conditioners and soaps). Bathrooms are always more humid and your products may spoil due to excessive moisture.

- Store your containers in a cool, dark and dry place. Products contained in vessels that are exposed to direct sunlight, heat and moisture are liable to expire prematurely.