12 Ways To Unplug When You Need A Break From Screen Time

12 Ways To Unplug When You Need A Break From Screen Time

Have you found yourself wondering why Netflix even bothers asking you "Are you still watching?" - this article is just what you need. 

Now picture this - you're in your sweats, scrolling between the worldometer showing Coronavirus stats, social media, Ludo star and Netflix - but your lower back has started to ache from slouching over your laptop or you're getting tech neck from that extra phone usage - it might just be time to unplug. Make some time for a technology detox with these 12 ways that will make your quarantine life a whole lot more fun!



Gyms all over the world are closed but that isn't an excuse to not work out. If you're anything like me - you'll see that you only managed to walk a mere 72 steps throughout the entire day. Shocking, right? But how much could you move around when all you need to do is go to the kitchen and back to your bedroom? Aim for the 10k steps and if you don’t have a garden, hit the streets. It’s such a pleasure to see neighbours walking, and breathing in the fresh air will uplift your mood instantly (especially now that the air quality has improved exponentially). But be sure to carry your mask and hand sanitiser with you.


2.Brush up on your cooking skills

No, we're not asking you to make gol rotis - but it is therapeutic to cook and bake while in quarantine. Cook, bake and improvise recipes to unleash your inner master chef. But ladies, don't just do it for the 'gram. Here’s a quick and healthy recipe for you to try: Watermelon feta salad. Add salt, pepper, fresh mint leaves, lemon juice as dressing, watermelon, pine nuts and feta cheese. Enjoy! 


3.Self Care

Now is the time to focus on yourself. Salons are closed which gives you the perfect excuse to go back to basics - opt for organic skincare products. If you want to oil your hair but never had the time before - do it now (try the Conatural Intense Growth Hair Oil) or focus on exfoliating your skin with the Better than Ubtan Scrub and Face Mask. Or you can try a lip lightening treatment. I’ve been using at home: a blend of lemon juice and honey, with a piece of beetroot dipped in it. Apply it on the lips and voila! See the magic unfold. Whatever you do - just make sure you give your body a whole lot of love with some natural skincare products! 


4.Start Journaling 

These are unprecedented times - and writing in your journal can not only keep you sane, it will also help you remember all that you survived. Making lists of all that you are grateful for can really go a long way. Channel your frustration through a positive outlet to realise you already have all that you need to survive. 


5.Puzzles & Brain teasers

Feel like your brain is losing interest in everything around you? Are you finding it a whole lot more difficult to concentrate on anything? Try doing a puzzle or look up some brain teasers to do with the family. You can even make it a family activity to reconnect with your loved ones. 


6.Board games

Be it scrabble, taboo, ludo, carom or playing cards - gather your family and do an hour of "family fun" every day. We promise you an hour of laughter that will fill your heart with joy like no outing ever can. 


7.Flower power

Now might be a great time to tend to all the plants in your backyard - or even those money plants your mother has lying around the house. It is such a rewarding process to water the plants - and it always feel like a reward when you start to see them bloom. 


8.Learn a new language

Be it French, Spanish, Persian or even Urdu for that matter - this is a great time to brush up on your language skills. It never hurts to be able to add "multilingual" to your resumé. 


9.Take an online course

For those of you that don't have to experience the new order of online classes - it's a good time to take courses online that can add to your skill set. Be it a course in project management, marketing or even social media management, there's always room to grow. Sites like Udemy and Coursera are extremely resourceful for this. 


10.Read a book

Whether you want to join a book club (trust us - so many more have been founded since lockdown) or simply want to finish all the books you left midway because you never had the time - make a comfortable space for yourself with good lighting - be it in your backyard, your rooftop or even your lounge and get lost in the words of an author. It's also a great prescription against cabin fever. 


11.Pick up a new hobby 

It's time to go back to the source that taught us so much - Disney. Take note from Tangled's star Rapunzel on what to do when you're stuck indoors, after all, she has a whole song about how she spent her days alone in the castle. So take up a new hobby or go back to an old one - candle making, trying out different natural skincare remedies from your kitchen, making a new painting or even rearranging the furniture in the house. 


12.Set up screen time limits

If all else fails, and you simply can't stay away from your phone - now would be a good time to set a screen time limit for yourself. Be true to yourself and set up a cut off time to ensure that you don't binge on the apps that take up most of your time - be it Netflix, Instagram or even Tik Tok.


This time at home is the best chance to reconnect with family, try something new and find some relief from the stress that work or school brings.