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Intense Luster Hair Oil - Conatural

Intense Luster Hair Oil

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100 ml

Feel the difference! Absolutely natural and FREE from Parabens, Triclosans, Artificial Musks, Phthalates, SLS, PPD, Petroleum Jelly, and Silicones.


This argan oil formula with essential oils is naturally conditioning & leaves hair shiny and frizz-free.


Shake well before use. Gently massage into hair. Allow oil to work for a minimum of thirty minutes. Cleanse post treatment with mild shampoo. For best results use Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil on roots with this product. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with warm water. Discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs.


This product should be used within 1 year from manufacturing date.

Certain products can be allergic to some people. Test patch on inner elbow and leave for thirty minutes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid getting product directly in eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with clean water. Keep out of reach of children. Store under 30°C and out of direct sunlight. For external use only. Safe for use for pregnant women. Not suitable for those with nut allergies.



"I love the hair oils! They wash off easily and made my hair very soft and bouncy and perfect for busy days and shooting schedules!"

Ayesha Omer 

"I absolutely love the Intense Luster Hair Oil which gives my hair an immaculate texture and the perfect amount of volume. I'm giving you my word Once you'll start using them you'll miss them when you run out of them! It's like the products nourish you and love you."

Mawra Hocane

"After trying CONATURAL's Intense Luster Hair Oil, I couldn't stop running my fingers through my hair all day! Not only did it give my hair a wonderful silken feel, the scent functioned as the most delicious aromatherapy. The best thing about CONATURAL is that the products are free from artificial ingredients. I love the mix of essential organic oils".

Mira Sethi, Actress & Writer

"I'm very careful about what I put in and on my body. I try my best to use products which are ethically made and use organic ingredients. For me Conatural's Intense Luster Hair Oil was a life saver. I have long hair which often needs conditioning because of the work I do. On days off, I leave the oil on for a few hours. My hair always feels so much healthier and softer after its use.
I also love their Dead Sea Mud Mask. I do not use it over my entire face. If there is a little spot or redness I leave it on the area until it dries. Works like a miracle!

Sara Mikaal

"I had been going through Conatural's name over and over on my Facebook page and hearing it from friends around, so I thought to give it a try. I think this was the nicest thing I've done for my hair and skin in forever! The Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil don't only transform hair but it's a aromatic treat for your senses as well, I find this deeply relaxing and de-stressing! Thank you Conatural! Looking forward to trying your entire range :)"

Kanzul Fatima Arif

"I have used various Conatural products over the last 7 to 9 months and I simply love them.

After the first use of Intense Luster Hair Oil, 7-9 months back, I wanted to rush online and rave about Conatural's amazing products. But I held back, wanting to be sure of their goodness in the long run, as I had problematic hair fall. Now, after using them regularly with great results, I have to acknowledge that yes Conatural products are very effective. Neither the prices have increased nor the quality deteriorated over the period of time.
I have been using Conatural's Intense Luster Hair Oil and even my 10 year old daughter uses some of their products.
Not only the products are good with results but such wonderful smell, the packaging and delivery service with fresh red petals adds a very personal touch. Appreciate it!! Thanks"

Dr. Fatima A. Shah

"I've been a customer of CONATURAL for quite some time now. Recently tried their INTENSE LUSTER HAIR OIL and CERTIFIED ORGANIC ARGAN OIL and now a big fan of the hair products too, you can notice the difference in as soon as 2 weeks! The smell is divine and it's easily absorbed in the hair leaving it super soft and shiny after every use."

Ayesha Chawla

"The hair oils are the most unbelievable hair oils of all times! The product delivers instant shine and long-lasting rejuvenation. My hair actually looks and feels healthier, silkier, and extraordinarily soft. JUST LOVE THIS!!"

Manizeh Kamal 

"I have been using Conatural for more than 2 months now. I came to know about it on Facebook. I tried the Intense Luster Hair Oil after consultation with their team and I am so happy as my hair has visibly become thicker and longer. I am a regular user of your product and a very happy customer."

Farhat Rabia

"I have taken the Intense Growth & Intense Luster Hair Oils both and used both as instructed - even the first time result is just awesome. My hair is so soft, smooth n silky. I can't stop myself to retain my fingers in my hair. Excited to use more products. Thank you!"

Rozina Rizwan

"My hair never felt better & I’m so glad that I came across this product after all these years of trying different things.  Conatural Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil are the best oils out there and smell beautiful too. Definitely made my hair strong, silky & shiny. And they appear healthier."


Arooj Ashfaq

"The two hair oils left my hair silky and the dry ends felt healthier after only a few applications."

Mehrunissa Sammi, Teacher

"Conatural products are one the very few products that have suited my sensitive skin. Having gone through at least dozens of skin care lines ive finally come across something that delivers results is completely natural and has absolutely zero side affects.The hair care oils have become a life line now. Just after a few applications there is a notable difference in the quality of your hair and most importantly it does a lot of damage control and for people who regularly style and color their hair this is a must have. I'm really impressed with Myra and Rema's resourcefulness in bringing such fantastic products to Pakistan."

Sahar Mahmud, Make-up Artist

"The first time I used the Intense Luster Hair Oil, it gave me the perfect shine and natural volume without any blow dry! Not only does my bathroom smell amazing all the time- but it leaves my skin as smooth as a baby's bottom and my skin feels softer each time I use it!"

Mehryn Zafar, Fashion Designer

"Hands down Conatural is the best company that has ever been created. I love the hair oils, especially the smell, which is super good, a big thumbs up to Conatural and keep up the good work. Their team is so friendly and they are always there to guide and advise you on anything you ask them. Will try out the Ubtan Scrub and the Dea Sea Salt scrub for sure. Stay blessed."

Zainab Jamila Haq

"I used the intense growth hair oil and intense luster hair oil together for the first time for only half an hour and it made my hair extremely soft, frizz free and I didn't need to use any styling product or gel! I thoroughly recommend the oils for every one who is looking for a hair treatment with incredible results!'

Shehryar Taseer, Businessman

“I absolutely love Conatural’s products - this oil increases my hair growth and gave the perfect shine and volume without a blow-dry. My favorite  part about the oil is it's smell. I am in LOVE with the smell! One should definitely go for Conatural products to get amazing results. I will be ordering the skin products soon Inshallah! :)”


"The Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil mixed together strengthened my hair within a month of use. I love Conatural!"

Areeba Magsi, Housewife

"Have recently started using Conatural products: the Intense Luster Hair Oil is a life saver for me!!  I'm really looking forward to using more skin care products by Conatural, normally I don't use any product on my skin as it’s very sensitive. P.S- The best thing about Conatural is that the products are skin friendly and free from artificial ingredients."

Tabina Habib

"Wanted to say thank you again for these amazing products. I am truly wowed by how lovely they make me feel. So far I have tried the Intense Luster Hail Oil, great silky smoothness followed and lasted for 2 - 3 days (I have especially frizzy, extensioned, dry, thick hair). I cannot wait to try the remaining CONATURAL products - Better than Ubtan Face & Body scrub is next on my list."

Munizeh Sinai, Producer FM 89

"The result of the Intense Growth Hair Oil is visible and this oil has become a part of my daily ritual! My hair feels healthier and thicker - I strongly recommend this oil for all those who colour their hair and have a finer texture. Its helped me a lot and I absolutely love it! Nothing like soft breezy hair without having to even do anything. And best of all, it's natural!"


Maheen Ghani, Psychologist

"The Intense Luster Hair Oil helped me get back the volume, bounce and shine my hair lacked. The pre and post comparison was quite apparent, it left a mesmerising moment. This is the first time I'm actually sharing my compliments with a brand itself. P.S. I have recommended the products to my friends and planning to order more products soon. Keep it up team."

Fatima Zafar

"The Conatural line of haircare is fantastic! I've tried many of the products and have used some of my favourites several times by now. The hair oils i.e. the Intense Luster and Intense Growth formulas really are a blessing. Hair loss has been a major concern for me the past year or so and just after a few uses of the Intense Growth, I'm now noticing a significant difference in the quantum of hair falling off. The oils, when used together, also leave my hair feeling super soft and shiny. If hair loss is an issue at all, I would definitely recommend giving the Conatural hair oils a try!"

Zainab Salahuddin, Corporate Lawyer

"I am currently using four of your products that include Intense Growth Hair Oil, Intense Luster Hair Oil, Instant Glow Face Mask with Radiance Oil....... And OMG I love them all. My hair is softer and there is no hairfall which was my major concern for last couple of years. And my skin is as soft as a baby and i have recommended Conatural to all my friends. The products are simply amazing!"

Maria Shahzad

"As soon as I opened the package I could smell roses , I’m amazed how you made an effort to give customers a pleasurable experience from the moment we open the box. I ordered the Intense Growth Hair Oil  and the Intense Luster Hair Oil but I wasn’t expecting them to be this good.. I’ve tried tonnes of products for my issues with hair fall ranging from vitamins to oils to shampoos etc. But honestly your oils have worked a miracle on me. I’ve just used it 3 times the past week and literally my hairfall has gone down by huge numbers. The best part is they smell amazing so I don’t need to worry about them leaving a intolerable scent behind. Over all I’m loving the oils. Can’t wait to try the other products and will surely be ordering more once I run out."

Khaula Khan

"Using four of your products and never been happier with the results...I'm using the Intense growth and intense luster hair oils & the Instant glow face mask with radiance oil. You guys are amazing. ..!!!"

 Ayesha Amir

"Instant glow mask and luster oil has made me a better looking person for sure. they smell heavenly. strongly strongly recommending it to all."

Anza Asghar

“I got my product and I’m pretty satisfied, I've been using conatural intense luster hair oil, it gave my hair the shine I wanted and made them frizz-free. And no side effect. "Love it".  I’m getting married in March IA; I want your face glow mask and ubtan too. Hope they are as good as intense luster hair oil.”

 Nimra Zafar 

"I'm running my own designers lounge and having a hectic schedule daily, l neglect myself a lot. I was looking for some product that l could use to nourish my hair as well as give it life n shine, A product which l would apply wash n my hair is ready for the busy day I came across Conatural’s post on my timeline. I just felt like giving it a try so l ordered the intense hair growth oil n luster hair oil after discussing my problem with the concerned. I have been using this product for 6weeks now I feel my hair texture is smoother n silky. They fall less easy to handle n I am ready to go anywhere without straightening or blow drying. I am very happy.Thank u Conatural!”

Ayesha Hamza

"Have recently started using Conatural products and I'm addicted! The Hair Oils are amazing; They smell great and leave your hair silky and frizz free."

Izza Sami

The Intense Luster Hair Oil is amazing and easy to wash off. After 3 - 4 applications, it gave my hair very good texture and left my hair soft and silky! Thank you Conatural.”

Uzma Usuf 

"After years of experimenting with various brands, and never really being satisfied, I finally decided to go down the natural and all organic route. That is when I discovered Conatural. One favourite of mine is their INTENSE LUSTER HAIR OIL. It basically does what it says on the tin. My hair is visibly shinier and softer since I started using it"

Sawera Wajid

"I started to have grey hair from very young age. I always hated mehndi so started dyeing my hair initially as a necessity. I went from single color to streaks to ombre and what not! As a result, I gradually faced excessive hair fall. My hair got dull, dry and thin! One day, while scrolling down on Facebook, I read about Conatural and how satisfied its customers were. I decided to give Conatural's Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil a try. From day 1 I saw visible results. My hair got instantly soft!!! Hair fall stopped and I even noticed new hair popping out ..I was amazed.
It's been an year now and I am completely satisfied."

Dr. Anum Ammad

"It was my first time using Conatural's products and I had a wonderful experience! Intense Luster Hair Oil is worth it. Keep up the good work guys!"

Anum Naveed

"I have always been very keen on using natural products for my skin and hair care but was disappointed having used lots of brands who claim to be natural! Conatural is completely different, it actually does what it says. So Conatural has become my favourite brand for skin and hair care now. I am glad that I tried it and I am definitely going to continue using it and recommend it to everyone.
Conatural’s Intense Growth Hair Oil and Intense Luster Hair Oil smell divine and have given my damaged hair a new life making them more manageable and healthy.
All of your products are really amazing, can’t wait to try the whole range."

Asma Habib

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