The Complete Guide To The Best Perfumes in Pakistan

The Complete Guide To The Best Perfumes in Pakistan
Perfumes are the first thing that come to your mind when getting a gift for anyone. It genuinely just is the perfect gift and not just for others, even for your own self. Perfumes are underrated. Even getting one for yourself is like reinventing yourself. Having a signature scent is a whole concept: scents are the most powerful sense to evoke a memory and this is how you create yours for others. But to have multiple scents for occasions is a whole vibe. That’s how you want to smell at a particular time, it has its own aura, its own characteristics and impressions.

But all good things are not so easily accessible. If only original perfumes in Pakistan were just a trip away, wouldn’t life be better? Conatural being Pakistan’s pioneer organic brand is filling that gap in the best possible way. Not only does its new line of fragrances deserve the title of ‘best perfumes in Pakistan’ they’re also all available to buy online. Here’s what will suit whom:

Perfume For Her - The Outgoing, Adventurous Woman

‘Forever Love’ is for the woman always on the go. She’s adventurous, she’s outgoing and she’s the first person who comes to mind if you want to live a little. Forever Love has fruity top notes with deeper base notes to give it a multidimensional feel. It’s perfect to capture, to charm and to always be remembered by.

The Sophisticated and Charming Woman

‘Desire’ is the fragrance for woman whose charm and impression on others are simply irresistible. The self-assured, distinctive personality gets emboldened by this perfume with notes of bergamot, tagete flower and grape fruit. The hints of patchouli and rose (amongst other notes) makes this a smell that leaves a lasting impression.

The Young and Dynamic Woman

‘Crystal Rose’ best perfume for women exudes the young, free-spirited vibe. It’s for the young woman who’s paving her path in the world and is full of ambition, big dreams and hope. This light and fun scent has top notes of peach, pear and citrus. It’s a gust of something fresh and fruity, perfect to put you in a lively mood.

For Him - The Ambitious, Determined Man

Empire is the best perfume for men who is ambitious & determined. We all know one! The scent evokes a sense of confidence and assurity that is inspiring. The top notes of bergamot, blackcurrant and cardamom and the base notes of leather, cedarwood and musk make it a strong scent that is fit for a charismatic leader.

The Mysterious Gentleman

Valour is an invigorating scent that is inviting and enchanting. It’s perfect fragrance for men who exude sense of playful charm but you know there’s something more to them. The scent with the top notes of bergamot, leafy and plum and the base notes of cashmere, cedarwood and moss make it a refreshing and alluring scent for the men who seek more.